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Proper Movement for a Healthier Move

Summer is a popular time for people to pack up and move to a new location. There’s a lot of excitement that comes with selecting your new place —picking out new decorations, planning your move and getting the paperwork signed that makes it official.

We’d like to give you a few quick tips to help your move go smoothly and protect your health during this time of change.

Prepare for Your New Home

When wrapping up your belongings and packing them away in boxes and cartons, try not to overload them. You may have to do some shifting to ready the boxes for the moving company, and you don’t want to strain yourself with heavy loads.

Consider Your Posture

As with packing, make sure that you take care to not strain your back when you’re vacuuming and mopping. Keep your shoulders positioned toward the work you’re performing, rather than turning them to the side.

While you clean, avoid bending at the waist for these activities. Instead, try this simple tip: step forward with one foot and bend slightly at the knee, allowing your upper body to stay upright in a partial lunge position. It’ll reduce the strain on your back and make sure you decrease the impact of the stress that the moving process places on the body.

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