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Massage Therapy in Barrie

Woman getting a massage

Heal with soft tissue massage therapy.

Barrie South Chiropractic Centre offers healing soft tissue treatments with or without chiropractic care. Our caring and experienced massage therapists, Chad Gatrell, RMT and Kimberly Hatfield, RMT, are committed to providing exceptional care to help you heal and feel great.

The primary technique we use at the practice is Swedish massage; however, a focus on sports massage is also a popular option. Some forms of massage may be condition-specific or may focus on a particular region of the body, or you may opt for full body relaxation.

Additional options for massage therapies include:

  • Cupping
  • Hot Stones
  • Myofascial Release

Massage therapy is a very personal treatment, so our therapists will make sure that you are comfortable with the process before beginning treatment. After a proper assessment, our therapists will determine the proper treatment protocols for you and will maintain an open dialogue throughout your treatment. Your feedback is important to ensuring that you get the relief you need without discomfort. Contact us to schedule a treatment. (705) 728-9909

Gentle Techniques For A Healing Experience


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