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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients who are new to chiropractic or our practice often have questions about the care they receive. These are some of the most common questions we receive from our patients. If you have additional questions, please contact us.


Q: Do I need a referral for chiropractic care?
A: No, we do not require you to be referred for chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors are considered primary care practitioners and do not generally require a referral from your doctor to be covered by extended health benefits.

Q: How long will my first visit be?
A: The first visit is approximately 45 minutes.

Q: Will I be treated at my first visit?
A: In most cases, yes. If something in your exam or history suggests that more information is necessary, we will postpone treatment until we have all the information to safely commence care. Alternatives and possible referral options will also be discussed.

Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: We are able to bill directly to most of the large insurance companies. Please bring your extended health information to your first appointment and we will look into billing it on your behalf.

Q: Can I see a chiropractor if I’ve had back surgery?
A: Yes! Many of our patients have had back surgery. During your exam and consultation, Dr. Hans or Dr. Mike will get all the information they need to ensure you are cared for in a way that won’t interfere with any fusions or instability.

Q: Do you partner with other doctors?
A: Yes, we see the value in working with medical providers, specialists and other therapists. If, for any reason, chiropractic is not the right answer for you, we are happy to refer you to someone who can help.

Q: Will I have to see a chiropractor for the rest of my life?
A: No. Many patients believe that once you see a chiropractor, you are locked into a long-term commitment for treatment. We believe in getting you results as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your life. Many of our patients make the choice to continue supportive care, because it makes them feel good, but the choice is yours.

Massage Therapy

Q: Do I need a referral for massage therapy?
A: We do not require you to have a referral to be treated, however some insurance companies require a referral for massage therapy. We recommend you contact your insurance provider.

Q: What do I wear?
A: For a massage therapy treatment, you will disrobe to your comfort level in a private room and get comfortable under blankets on the table. Your registered massage therapist will uncover only the area being treated.

Q: Is Massage Therapy painful?
A: Our Registered Massage Therapists will check in regarding pressure and we encourage you to communicate your preferences. Your treatment can range anywhere from a light relaxing massage to a deep tissue treatment.

Q: How often should I have massage therapy treatments?
A: Our RMTs will give individualized frequency recommendations and suggestions to extend your care at home, but ultimately the frequency of treatment is up to you.

Other FAQs

Q: What does a chiropodist treat?
A: A chiropodist is a foot and ankle specialist. Our chiropodist, Kyle Gauld treats a range of issues, from foot, ankle and knee pain, such as plantar fasciitis and neuroma, to footcare treatments such as nail trims and wart removal.

Q: What about parking and stairs?
A: Our building has ample ground level parking and all our offices are on ground level. No stairs to climb!

Q: What is your mask policy?
A: Masks are optional at this time. If you prefer that your practitioner wear a mask, please let us know and they will gladly don one.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.


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