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Chiropractic Care

Customizing Your Care

Dr. Hans Teschl and Dr. Mike Nykoliation typically use a full spine Diversified technique as taught in the accredited chiropractic curriculum. Soft tissue techniques including trigger point therapy, mobilization or physiotherapeutic interventions may also be an option. By reviewing the results of your individual exam, assessing the area of concern, and with feedback from you, Dr. Teschl and Dr. Nykoliation can determine which techniques or services will be most successful in helping you achieve results.


What to Expect from Your Treatment

Some patients express that they are nervous that an adjustment will hurt, but adjustments are very gentle and should not cause you pain.

When a joint is adjusted, there is a small, quick movement. The movement is minimal, but is done quickly to prevent muscles from being able to respond by tightening up. The process is gentle, and many patients describe it as a feeling of relief.

We encourage you to maintain an open dialogue with your treatment provider. We will always demonstrate techniques on models or explain what we’re doing before we do it. If you ever have any concerns, please let us know so we can discuss them with you.

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